Available Blogs

Order Types:

Publish Only - you provide the blog post HTML, blogger publishes on their website.
Publish+Content - you provide the anchor text and URL only, blogger writes the content for you and publishes.
Curated Link - you select anchor text from an existing page on the blog, and the blogger will link to your website using that text.
 (Note: to find examples of available anchor text, you can use google with the search "anchor text" site:somefinancialblog.com).

i.e. the search term (financial planners site:somefinancialblog.com) will produce all the pages on the site somefinancialblog.com that contain the text financial planners.)

Select Type Website Moz DA Ahrefs DR Age

Select the tasks that you want to order. After checkout you'll have the opportunity to provide any HTML or anchor text, after which the task will be sent to the blogger for implementation. You subsequently follow up on the status of all orders in your order status page.